The FarmSmarter mission


Empowering smallholder farmers to improve productivity via state-of-the art mobile technology
The FarmSmarter app mission is to improve livelihoods, profitability and climate-smart sustainability of smallholder farming communities in developing regions.  


FarmSmarter will be the leading agri-tech ‘one-stop-shop’ connecting smallholder farmers with the digital marketplace.  
We believe that by providing accessible, location-specific information, the FarmSmarter digital toolkit, will help smallholders to achieve success as valued and equitable providers of food security in the global marketplace. 
We aim to bring equality in access to sustainable agriculture information for all farmers globally


Accessibility and inclusion, Innovation and accuracy, Growth, Sustainability and Integrity.  
We are proud to provide pathways to success for under-represented members of the agriculture community globally. We champion innovation as a means to improve the environmental impacts of food production. 

ACCESSIBILITY  ensuring state of the art information is freely available to smallholders regardless of age, gender or literacy level. 

INNOVATION EXCELLENCE exploring new approaches to improving livelihoods and the environmental impact of agricultural communities, marketplaces and consumers through state-of-the art technology and accurate information. 

GROWTH in all its forms from seedling to harvest, from novice to expert and from subsistence to success. Educating the next generation of farmers. 

SUSTAINABILITY encouraging a sustainable approach to agriculture and the environment. 

INTEGRITY our empathy and sense of responsibility for individuals, communities, environment, and futures underpins everything FarmSmarter does.